Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Daddies roll

Behind my business is an incredibly brave man who puts up with midnight sewing, my stress and market days of him being left to hold the baby.

He is the one who encourages me, pushes me to be better and feeds me while im up against the clock with orders. You will never see him at a market and thats because he is at home cooking,  cleaning and watching our precious girl.

Without him I can not do what I do, I never really say thankyou enough as its just apart of our life now.

So im declaring infront of you all Today, THANKYOU Darren Smith for all you do for me and our small business. XXXXX

Thankyou to all the supportive partners behind us, you make every day easier. X


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Support a Stay at home mumma.

Ive said it before and I will say it again. I love what I do and wouldnt change it for the world but good lord its exhausting.
I am a stay at home mumma who has a small business. I answer your emails while I wait in line at the bank, supermarket and postoffice. Im cooking, cleaning and keeping my household under control. I  cut fabric while my little lady sleeps and sew while she plays. I have 2 days to myself while she is at kindy but i also work 3 nights a week in a cafe to pay the mortgage.
For fun on the weekends I get up at 4am pack my hard work into my car, wake my little lady and pack her in there too then drive sometimes 2 hours away from my house to set up a stall at a market,  Where I spend my day smiling and laughing with my market friends and you my customers. Then before you know it its Monday again and the cycle starts again.
My business is growing day by day which makes me busy but over the moon, so as I said I wouldnt change it for the world.
The moral of my story is get out to a market this weekend and support a Mum please. We are the ones that have the drive to make our businesses a success and will not let sleepless nights stop us. Xx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Time to look back.

Well here we are, its December already and only days until the man in the big red suit comes to town.
My machines have been  packed up and have headed off to get their yearly nip tuck and oil change. It leaves me thinking about all the beautiful clothes i have created on them, Which in turn gets me thinking about  my wonderful customers.
Without you choosing to support my small business my life would be a 9-5 job and my precious baby girl off to daycare everyday. The thought makes me shake and to be honest scares me.
I am a proud stay at home working mumma.
I started this year with the dream of growing my business and my dream is coming true every day.
2013 will see me take it to the next level with a few stores lined up to sell my wears in, i will continue to create one off beautiful items made with recycled fabric. I will continue to fill my calender with markets. I will also be selling in my Internet stores alot more than i have.
So its easy to say I plan on next year being HUGE so i hope you stick around and help me grow abit more.
So this is me saying THANK YOU for your support, It means the world to me.
From my family to yours we wish you a  Merry Christmas and a very happy and
 healthy new year.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

My final markets for 2012

Well here we are and its almost Christmas.
 I know what your thinking "Where has 2012 gone" Trust me if i knew i would enlighten you but i cant sorry. Im stumped but i do know one thing, 2012 was a fantastic year for Angel Caprice and its you i need to thank for supporting my small business.
I have created this list so you can stay up to date with where i am in these final weeks of business trading.
18 th Nov       Pottsville beach Markets.
21st  Nov    Babes in arms function at Event cinema Robina Town Centre
24th Nov   the Mummy Tree Morningside twighlight market
25th Nov       Miami Designers market
30th Nov    St Augustas Kingscliffe Twighlight Market
1st Dec    The Mummy Tree Market Robina
2nd Dec       The Mummy Tree Market Noosa
8th Dec The Mummy Tree Market Indorroopilly Twighlight
9th Dec    The Mummy Tree Market  Toowoomba
16th Dec      Pottsville Beach 7 am till 1pm THEN
Salvation Army Annual Christmas Carols by Candle light in Southport.
So close to the end but so far and so much sewing to be done.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE im begging you, support handmade products this year for Christmas.
As always embrace the vintage and take care. XX

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

R U OK ??? 2012

R U OK???
Today is the one day of the year we ask each other are we ok?
To answer yes im OK
NOW but earlier......
I found i was a little lost in my way. I had this beautiful new baby but was never to be the same person again. I went from a full time job that i loved and friends galore to all of sudden at home with a baby and nothing else to fill my time. The hard part (and if you know me) was not talking to adults daily except for poor Daz who i would talk his ear off when he got home from work.
From my experiance i can see how easily it would be to fall into a depression.
I found that starting my business saved me from myself and changed my life forever.
 It gave me an outlet that wasnt just mother groups and cafes. 
I will always be grateful for the support i have had while starting my business as Having Angel changed my life for the better. 
I guess what im trying to say is its ok to be a different person after you have children and its ok to loose your way while you try to sort out who you are now. Just know that your friends are at the other end of the phone.
I hope that today of all days you can reach out if you need to and there is no shame in doing so.
Thanks and as always embrace the vintage. XX

Saturday, 28 July 2012

All the Vintage ladies Mini Market night.

The Mini Market night is coming together with suits, Dresses, singlets even a few skirts. This weekend was a big one for the hand made community with Collaborate for a cause so I have decided to change the day of market night. It will now be on Tueday night at 7.30pm. is the place to be tuesday night.

As always stay groovy and embrace the vintage. Xxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

All the vintage ladies

All the vintage ladies sale night.

Sunday night is the night, I will farwell my vintage lady collection as they start their journey to find new homes.

When i found my first vintage lady sheet i was in hevean and loved her straight away, I think its the memories of a sweet and very happy childhood they stir up.  So its with a heavy heart, I have created many different one off items ready to be sold and find new homes with little girls that love them as much as i do.

The sale will start on Sunday the 28th at 7.30pm. is where you find the action ( well i hope theres action)

As always stay groovy and embrace the vintage. Xx