Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Vision for my little business

My biggest  heartbreak sometimes is saying goodbye to my creations. Every now and then i make something from fabric that truely drives my creativity.

I design all of my patterns and they are inspired by a pattern i have seen in an op shop or inspired by a certain period of time. I have allowed others to influence my patterns in the past and to be honest it just didnt feel right for me. I would make something because someone asked me to not because its what was in my vision. I would sit down to sew and it was lifeless and  not something I loved to do.

I tool my vision back to the begining of Angel Caprice and it felt right and fun again, i am now loving sewing and more than anything I love wrapping my creations in brown paper and ribbon then send them off to their new home.

The above photo is todays suit thats off to a new home to be worn and loved. What I love the most about it is 2 yrs ago it was a piece of fabric in an op shop waiting to be taken home washed and loved again.

My vision for Angel Caprice is simple,  to take old beautiful fabric and turn it into a one of a kind treaure.


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  1. I love this outfit - that will be one groovy two year old wearing it. And the best thing is, noone else in the park will ever have the same thing.